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Purposeful photography that unites your brand

Elevate your brand by harnessing the power of visual storytelling to ignite curiosity, evoke emotions, and build an unbreakable bond between you and customers.


Personality over 


Hi! My name is Bonnie Joyce and I'm a brand and portrait photographer based out of Perth serving Ottawa, Kanata, Carleton Place and beyond. I also offer wedding and family photography (I'm an experienced website designer... I really love to create.) 

I’m not one for obsessively clean, perfectly-styled desks or staged living rooms that look like they’ve never seen human life. I believe in authentic, purposeful photographs of you and your space that convey your values and personality and allow you to really connect with your audience. 

I know not everyone loves being in front of the camera. In fact, many of my clients proclaim: "I hate having my photo taken!" But I promise you'll walk away saying: "that was actually fun..."


Photo credit: Craig Greenwood

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Brand Photography is not some frilly extra 


Here’s the problem: you try your best to stay on top of scheduling social media posts and keeping up your online presence. But every time you sit down you find yourself using the same few photos of yourself or your business. Maybe they’re semi-decent cell phone shots from a friend, or professional portraits from your wedding (no one will notice the veil, right?) Or maybe you find yourself reaching for the same impossibly perfect stock photos, hoping people will believe that’s your desk. #inyourdreams


You invest so much in your business. From your logo to branding, website, and marketing materials - you’ve poured your heart into making sure your brand is intact. But with so many digital spaces that require images of you or your business, your brand has become so disjointed that it’s coming apart at the seams.  

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Let's be honest: those utterly forgettable stock photos don't represent your business. 

Instead, you need a library of strategic photographs that communicate your brand’s equity and expertise… so you can post with confidence knowing every element of your digital marketing represents YOU.

You need:

Purposeful photographs that convey your brand 

The time and money you invest in your marketing needs to do heavy lifting for your business. With an intentional, strategic and creative approach, your photos will become valuable assets for all of the digital spaces you occupy. 

Authentic visuals that help you connect.

Say goodbye to that yucky feeling you have when you post misleading stock photos. Your visuals will finally communicate who you are, your values and process, and who you serve - in an authentic way you can really get behind.

A satisfying stock of photos that will make social media a breeze.

No more agonizing over finding the right photo for that social media post or website page. Our session will deliver a stash of photos - so you'll be swimming in options, and dying to share them all. 


Recent Work

A Lush Wonderland: Ramsey Creek Greenhouse

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LIDA: A new boutique in downtown Perth, Ontario

4F4A6408 (2).jpg

Tim Wynne-Jones:
Award-winning children's author 

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Book a Free Consult

Book a quick 15-minute discussion with Bonnie to chat about you, your goals, and how brand photography can serve your business. 

Kind Words

"Bonnie is a MASTER at capturing authenticity and bringing a brand to life in photos! We've worked together for over a year on multiple brand photoshoots and she never disappoints. Not only does she make you feel comfortable and at ease, she brings out the best in you and helps you build a portfolio of amazing photos that truly reflect your brand. Highly Recommend - If I could give her more stars I would."

- Mickey Anderson


Want to  
Learn more?

Book a free discovery call so we can chat about your business and how a brand photography session could take you to the next level. 

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